Our Mates have planned film premieres, dinners for Fortune 500 CEOs and celebrities,
and intimate parties and gatherings. There is always time to celebrate and make a unique
and memorable occasion. Mates are there to help create these one of a kind experiences.

Venue Scouting

We'll help you find the perfect venue. 



Sit down dinner, reception or stations, the options are endless.


Need some extra staff to help make the day special? We’ll make sure that
you can just sit back and enjoy your party.


We love being creative, let us help you find the right theme for your party
and blow it out with props, costumes, etc. If this isn’t for you not to worry, 
we can create formal, elegant parties as well!


Want a band at your party, we’ll provide a few options of bands or DJs 
to help you make your night even more special!