From one to 101, every birthday milestone is special and deserves celebrating. 
Mates help loved ones create a wonderful, personalized experience from unique themes,
entertainment and delicious food to help ring in the next year!

Venue Scouting

If you aren’t hosting it at your home, we’ll do research to find the perfect venue for you.



Have a kids theme around pirates you want to explore? or games for an older generation?
We’ll brainstorm practical and fun ways to enhance your party.


Furniture, games, projectors, staging, depending on the event we’ll organize
all the rentals for a seamless set up.

Catering & Cake

Either working with the venue or sourcing a caterer for your home, your food
will be delicious and as thematic to the event as you want!

Goodie Bags

You’ve got to give a little gift to everyone who comes and it can be as simple as
a colorful bag of candy or a more personalized approach, we’ll help map out a creative way
to thank your guests for coming!