Donut Wall: Insta-Worthy Trend

It’s National Donut Day. No better time to take note of the event trend that continues to dominate Instagram feeds and dessert bars everywhere: the Donut Wall. From corporate offsites to weddings, these delicious displays are delighting guests at all types of gatherings. Here’s a sampling of walls we’ve seen in our feed for you to nibble on. 

Photo credit: raciacchi/Instagram

Photo credit: raciacchi/Instagram

Photo credit: Coastalfringe_cronulla / Instragram

Photo credit: Coastalfringe_cronulla / Instragram

Photo credit: Kelsey.hisako / Instagram

Photo credit: Kelsey.hisako / Instagram

Photo credit: bobbymcgees/Instragram

Photo credit: bobbymcgees/Instragram

Photo credit: lavishcandylife/Instagram

Photo credit: lavishcandylife/Instagram

Invited to Celebrate Spring

With spring in the air, our event planners are loving the latest from the Rifle Paper Co. and Paperless Post collaboration. Said Diane, “the sage green and pink plum blossoms were the perfect inspiration for one of my spring wedding couples.”  Each design blooms with exquisite flowers, herbs, and botanicals.  Whatever your special occasion, this collection celebrates spring in style and offers designs to suit your personality and budget.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 7.57.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 8.03.56 PM.png

Photos: courtesy of Paperless Post

Cocktails for a Crowd

Happy Margarita Day! To celebrate, try one of our go-to crowd cocktails (plus one for non tequila drinkers!). Big batch cocktails are a perfect solution for cutting down on wait time and having to hire additional staff. With just a few ingredients, you can make each easily for a crowd of any size.


Make your margarita grand by adding a special ingredient - Grand Marnier. Delicious.


Add some bubbly to your favorite margarita recipe. Voila! Instant spritzer and crowd pleaser!


Cranberries, rum, sugar and lime juice. You’re sure to agree with Bon Appetit, “it feels like you’re on vacation no matter where you are.”

Trending: Corporate “Wellness” Offsites

The New Year is always synonymous with resolutions – bettering yourself with your job, family, looks, fitness, etc.  One theme currently trending for corporate offsites capitalizes on the “New Year New You” concept with “Refresh Retreats” being created for employees. Here are some ideas on how to theme this out for your company, tying in wellness to your company’s strategic goals for the year ahead.


Every company has “core” values, whether they are written in manifesto form or not.  It is the strength we find in ourselves and of a company. Having a reminder of the core values and how to strengthen them is a powerful exercise verbally. Take it one step further by creating a bonding activity that connects to a core value. You could rent out a class/room from a fitness center or arrange for an instructor to be present at the offsite.


Finding the power and energy to reach company goals is all part of the process. A lot of ingredients go into powering up, all specific to each company. Create a juice bar, nut bar, or granola bar and match each ingredient/layer to what goes into powering up the ultimate company/employee!


Offsites often have employees off their daily routines. Starting the day off earlier with yoga sessions or having chair  massages set up during breaks, are feel-good “optional” activities to balance the info overloads that typically happen at offsites.


One of the biggest sources of growth and success for a brand is focusing… focus on your core customers, focus on the product you are marketing, focus on the markets you want to penetrate. Employees need to hear from the top what the company focus is so as to better do their jobs. As an activity tied to this theme, a meditation expert can come in and teach/educate employees on focusing back on themselves and ignoring the clutter.

With the topic of wellness at an all time high in terms of buzz and more and more companies making this a core part of their benefits and business operations; there’s no better time than the present to incorporate it into a company offsite. Your guests will leave refreshed and ready to go!

POP-UPS: What I Learned From The Museum of Ice Cream

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones who scored a ticket to the Museum of Ice Cream. For those not familiar, it’s a much buzzed about, selfie-centered experience celebrating the beloved frozen treat. As someone who travels long distances for good ice cream (Coffee from Grammy Shaw’s in Maine - 6 hours from NYC), I couldn’t wait. As a marketer who strives to deliver experiences that delight, I couldn’t wait!  Planning a pop-up? Here’s what I learned, plus tips for making your pop-up really POP.


Located across from the stunning Whitney Museum, underneath the high-traffic Highline, in the heart of the must-visit Meatpacking district, the museum was a hit from the start.  Pro tip: select a location that is on brand and has a built in audience.


As a ticket holder, you receive a time and then you wait in line. It’s “limited” in size, so the line grows and grows. People - tourists and locals - are intrigued - and the buzz begins. Pro tip: Make the experience exciting from the start. Waiting on line can be a good thing - have fun, gather insights, and start the conversation.


The “museum” was a maze of rooms of tasting stations, play spaces, and art. I watched the two young women in front of me selfie their way thru the experience. When the setting wasn’t ideal (record setting largest ice cream sundae), there was determination, followed by disappointment.  Pro Tip: Test your selfie settings! Each room should be set up with a shot(s) in mind and staff should be on hand to guide those who are selfie challenged.

Taking the Team Meeting Offsite in NYC

Conference rooms are booked. Teams are taxed. Companies large and small are breaking away from the expected to spark team creativity! Check out these unique NYC offsite locations, hand-picked by our friends at Splacer, ready for you and your team to tackle your next challenge.  


A space for those with real taste. This one-of-a-kind culinary museum located in Williamsburg/Greenpoint offers 20-foot ceilings, industrial details, and a unique collection of scientific gastronomic gadgets. It’s the perfect spot to throw a sweet event.


Just North of Grand Central Terminal, catch spectacular views, elegant lighting, and a modern inspired café at this reinvented Midtown space. Elements of the location come together to create the ideal setup for your business, workshop, or networking event. The space is also highly configurable, able to meet most event specifications.


Located in a beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood, this former tile factory has been renovated into a more welcoming space. With modern architecture, exposed brick, and a relaxed atmosphere it’s the ideal space for your next big meeting. Step out of the old office and into one with character.


If you are looking for a more versatile location, this Midtown Penthouse is for you. Entertain guests out on the terrace, conduct business meetings in one of two spacious studios, or lounge by the cozy original fireplace.


Foster your creativity in a space that truly inspires. This enchanting private library stimulates the imagination with its extensive collection of books, records, and art. The space is great for anything from reading a book to teaching a small class.

All images borrowed from Splacer

TRENDS: Summer Garden Parties

Summer is the perfect season to host a garden party. Whether you’re hosting on a city rooftop or on a country hillside, a dinner party under the stars or a tea-time gathering, the great outdoors offers a perfect - and often budget friendly - backdrop for your next event.

Here are some tips from our planners to bring the garden theme to life:


Fresh flowers (we’re partial to hydrangeas and peonies) and mix and match floral china creates a delightfully elegant set up.


We’ve fallen for the new Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas. All natural ingredients with a kick, these are cool enough to be served as is, just add paper straws for an extra pop of color.


Macaroons are both decorative and delicious! Have them on hand in glass bell jars or in eco-friendly berry pint containers for guests to enjoy.

TRENDS: 4th of July Party Tips

Celebrate the 4th with a family friendly patriotic smash! Here are 5 tips from one of our elite planners on how to plan a 4th of July Party packed with fireworks!

Photo from  Eventbrite

Photo from Eventbrite


Simple Red, White & Blue Decorating

You don’t need much to add some red white and blue touches. Make a low investment in a red and white gingham linen tablecloth (Amazon has several under $15)

And then get blue (or blue & white stars) napkins, plates and cutlery. 

Tip: always have baskets and mason jars on hand for parties, they are great to keep plates and napkins from blowing away and the cutlery stays organized and pretty in the jars! 

For an added effect, use a burlap table runner and a few more of the Mason jars with baby’s breath and voila you have subtle design at under $40 and you have a tablecloth you can use again and again.

Image from  stonegableblog

Image from stonegableblog


Lots of Sides & Platters

Ditch the passed hors d’oeuvres and entrees – guests feel the most comfortable at BBQs and picnics when it is buffet style. Make sure to have lots of variety and easy foods both for you to make and your guests to eat like pasta and potato salads, ribs and pulled pork, cookies & brownies. 

Tip: put out food in waves, folks will be pleased with the sudden new choices and you won’t have to worry about the food going bad being out for hours at a time.

Photo by  KGora

Photo by KGora


Get Crafting

Especially when there are lots of kids, we always like to have some sort of entertainer, if even for a short while. Our latest trend is the balloon artist. But if you don’t have time, money or can’t find an entertainer, set up a crafting station where kids can make 4th of July wands, color in the Founding Fathers or create patriotic handprint flags. 

Tip: here are a few free coloring pages to download.

Photo from  USA printables

Photo from USA printables


Bring on the Games!

Good for adults and kids alike. Make sure to have a variety of games available.  Some of our favorites include cornhole, balloon darts (just careful with little kids) and Frisbee golf (get a few red white and blue hula hoops and Frisbees and you’ve got yourself a game!)

Photo from  partygamesnow

Photo from partygamesnow


End with Fireworks

We know… obvious right? But if your party isn’t conveniently located to watch local fireworks your guests might go another holiday without the memorable BOOM and AWWW of fireworks. Here’s 2 ideas to incorporate fireworks into your 4th of July Party. First, set up a TV outside and find national coverage of fireworks around the US, it will be fun to watch various performances and maybe even get some glimpses of performances from renown groups like the Boston Pops. Second, gets some sparklers (assuming you can’t get the real fireworks). These are beautiful at weddings and are just as fun and maybe even more unexpected at a party. 

Tip: Just remember to have a bucket of sand on hand to extinguish them at the end.

Photo from  dreamdiwali

Photo from dreamdiwali

ON THE SCENE: Boston BikeBus

Our corporate planners are always on the lookout for fun team building activities. This month, the buzz is all around BikeBus.

Photos from  BikeBus .

Photos from BikeBus.

It’s a commuter bus turned spin studio. Think SoulCycle on wheels hosting private rides for small teams (8 riders + instructor). Pick up at your office, “bike” to your destination and enjoy an extra appetizer knowing you earned it! Host a weekly ride and have teams compete against one another. Weather is not a factor. And everyone wears a chest harness to stay in place if the bus comes to an abrupt stop or hits a pothole - so that HR is happy. While currently only available for your Boston teams, our planners are resourceful and will go the distance to ensure that you - and your teams - enjoy the ride!