Destination Wedding Locations: The Tryall Club, Jamaica

If you dream of sand and sun for your wedding, The Tryall Club in Jamaica is an ideal spot. With exquisite beaches, spectacular views, unique accommodations and exceptional service, it is guaranteed that the day will be magical.

The Club makes wedding planning easy, offering a team of wedding planners and creative partners to make the experience distinctly yours. Featuring some of the most recognizable landmarks of Jamaica’s Heritage, the Club offers many ceremony locations - including a beautiful beach.

For your stay, Tryall has a multitude of luxury privately-owned villas throughout the club. The houses range from one-bedroom condominiums, luxury oceanfront beach houses and expansive, beautifully presented villas. All are able to accommodate any number of people for the event. 

Enjoy the most important day of your life surrounded by Jamaican hospitality, heritage and beautiful views at the Tryall Club. Click here for a free EventMates consultation, where you can learn what type of planning services are right for your destination wedding.

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Photo credit: The Tryall Club

Wedding Inspiration for Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

Happy New Year! And with this new year comes an exciting announcement: Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018! Pantone annually announces a color matching the feeling and trends going into the new year. The color of 2018 is ULTRA VIOLET, which “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”. Already, we are finding ways to implement the bold and creative color into wedding plans. Check out our pinterest page here!

Photo credit: Pinterest

Fall Wedding Trends

September is a busy month for our Mates with so many couples tying the knot! Autumn weddings are unique in many ways as they embrace the slightly colder, crisp air and bring different colors and flavors to the table. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding trends:


Draw inspiration from the changing leaves and incorporate rich hues of red, orange, and yellow into your wedding. Using bold colors is a great way to create an eye catching bouquet while saving a little bit of money. The base of the bouquet can include lots of greenery and less expensive flowers, then just a few bold colored statement flowers will make the bouquet pop. 


Scarce use of icing allows the shade of the cake to show through, creating a more organic look. The simplicity of this technique allows flowers or other cake toppers to become the main focus.


Creative food and drink stations are a great way to personalize your wedding. Create a custom beer tap for your wedding with all of the bride and groom’s favorites. Make it even more personalized with signage explaining the significance of the chosen brews.


Sometimes there just isn’t enough space on the table for a centerpiece that wows. Utilize the space in between the table and the ceiling instead of taking up more square footage on the table. Fall weddings are the perfect place to incorporate tall centerpieces. For a rustic and organic wedding, use branches adorned with vibrant fall leaves. For a more elegant, use tall candles adorned with fairy lights.

Photo Credits: Bouquet: Flowers By Janie, Beer Bar: Pinterest, Cake: Blooming Expressions Flowers

Vintage & Garden Inspired Weddings

Garden weddings can make for the most elegant of settings. Though using vintage style décor sets the tone quite well, there are many ways to incorporate a more modern touch. With a variety of color schemes, you can choose to add a more stand out design, or stick with classical vintage ideas. Looking through the following will provide you with the perfect insight to make decisions towards your most awaited and cherished day.  



To keep that vintage look, wear a lace dress. If you’re aiming for something subtler, wear a simple dress with a lace veil or flower piece in your hair.

Groom & Groomsmen:
Suspenders or a beige/taupe colored suit really set the scene.

Lighter colors, such as light pink or taupe look best. If the bride’s dress is simple, add lace to the bridesmaids for more texture.


A garden wedding presents the perfect opportunity to utilize your surroundings. With so many trees, you can hang different decorations to create that magical setting.

Tips for reference:

  • Painted bird cages with floral arrangements inside
  • Different shaped jars/bowls hanging from ribbons
  • String lights through the trees overhead
  • Hang engagement pictures on a clothespin line


  • Hang jars of floral arrangements all down the aisle.
  • Sprinkle rose petals down the aisle, or create a beautiful design within rose petals.
  • Loop garland of vibrant green flower arrangements down the inside of the seating.
  • Hang floral balls from modern stands down the aisle.


Use light colors like pinks, lavenders, and mint greens.

Incorporate bright purples or blues with the light greens to really make the image pop!

To keep a simple and classy look, stick to white and green floral arrangements.



  • Antique furniture dresses up outdoor locations, and serves as a great space for a candy bar or gift table
  • Wooden doors can be used to vintage up the event
  • Chalkboard signs look simple and shabby chic

Nautical Weddings

Nautical themed weddings have become increasingly popular. Whether you create your perfect day along the shoreline or bring the beachy décor to an upscale location, this seaside scene is in! Still keeping to the theme, there are so many options to explore.

Couples have selected a wide variety of locations and décor that have turned out nothing short of stunning. Explore the yacht clubs, estates, beaches, along with the do’s and don’ts of nautical weddings.


We’ve seen beaches, waterfront resorts, yacht clubs, country clubs, and many others. With price as something to always consider, you must also decide if you would like a more modern twist or stick to the traditional décor. Modern detailing can provide a fresh new feel, while traditional remains elegant as always.


  1. Oceanbleu at Westhampton
  2. Terranea Resort, Palos Verdes
  3. Massachusetts Yacht Club
  4. Boca Raton Resort and Club
  5. Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui
  6. Auberge Du Soleil Resort, Napa
  7. Winnetu Oceanside Resort
  8. Fess Parker, Santa Barbara
  9. Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun
  10. Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island


This traditional look uses the tried and true sailing colors: navy, white, & Red. You can’t go wrong with this!  TIP: tie in rope or string to offer a little more creativity

Break free from the traditional colors with natural hues for a modern, beachy twist  TIP: Use a wooden look to give the invites a textured feel


- More casual & modern- Hydrangeas
- More elegant & traditional- white roses

- For an easy centerpiece or simple decoration, tie rope around glass jars and fill with flowers
- Add seashells and coral to create a more casual scene


  • For a rustic look, combine sandy or wooden colors with the crèmes of wedding cakes. Smaller more casual weddings call for sand decorations and seashells, while a more upscale wedding may use something like the simple, ruched option below.
  • Sticking to the traditional colors of blue, red and yellow, these decadent cakes present an array of options for those with a simpler taste and those who prefer something more intricate.
  • The square stacked cake presents a unique option for any wedding.


  • Bridesmaids: Stick to solids! Navy blue or taupe look best!
  • Trending: Put younger boys in shorts! Or use for a daytime or casual wedding
  • Men Must-Haves: Boat Shoes

Tips for Saying “I Do” to a Venue

You’ve narrowed down your wedding venues, but how do you make the final call? Go SEE them (and if you can’t, set up a video call to view them!). A site visit is a sure way for you to determine if you can envision your wedding there, and you’ll be able to see first hand the room configurations.

Here are the ten questions to ask before signing on the dotted line:

1. Capacity
How many people can fit and are allowed to fit in the venue - does it fit with your invite list and budget?  

2. Bathrooms
How many? If there are only 2 and you are planning a large wedding you either need to move to the next venue, or if your heart is set there, think of alternative options like luxury mobile restrooms. These aren’t as bad as they sound.

3. Catering
Do they require use of their catering (most hotels will do this) or do you have the flexibility to pick your own caterer and/or your own menu? Hotels are notoriously “menu set” in that you only can pick from their options, which limits you on bringing your personality to the table.

4. Furniture
Does the venue provide furniture (i.e. tables, chairs, linens, glassware)? If not, this will fall on the caterer and could cost more.

5. Staff
What support staff do they provide, if any? If a hotel, expect that they will. If it is a raw venue they’ll probably just provide one representative onsite and maybe security – the rest is up to you. If you don’t have a dedicated planner, consider hiring an outside day-of planner to help everything run smoothly.

6. Staff attire
What does the staff wear? If you have a theme for the event, you may want to ask to add something to that attire.

7. Parking
Where will your guests park? And can you comp or host the valet that evening for your guests if there is only paid parking (read: cities).

8. Ceremony
If you want the ceremony held at the venue, can the venue accommodate the request? Is this something they have done previously?

9. Sunlight
If your ceremony or reception is during daylight hours, where does the sunlight hit the room? Try to visit the venue during a similar time - we’ve been to weddings where this wasn’t considered and you couldn’t even see the bride and groom during the wedding

10. Referrals
Always ask for a couple referrals and talk to them, they’ll help you understand any challenges that they might have had and any pitfalls worth considering now

Photos courtesy of Splacer.co