EXPERT ADVICE FROM A CMO: An Event Planner is a Worthwhile Investment

Marketing departments are being tasked with more than ever before and often with fewer resources. No matter the size of the team (or budget), they are called upon to be both champion and implementer of creating the experiences and culture to ultimately foster the growth of a brand. As brands need to differentiate themselves, events - both internal and external - stand as an important part of the marketing strategy mix to make it happen. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, “in-person events” is ranked as the most effective marketing tactic among B2B marketers and has owned the #1 spot for six consecutive years.

If event marketing plays a role in your overall marketing strategy, here’s 3 reasons out of many why you should hire an event planner.


Outside thinking. Planners are experts in creating memorable experiences. If you’re at the beginning of planning, a planner can offer valuable insights on what’s current, what works and what doesn’t. If your event strategy is set, a planner can execute on your behalf and often amplify it in ways you hadn’t thought possible.


Time is money.  Calculate your time being put to planning the event. Add your team’s time. Plus that of your co-workers. You’ll soon be able to prove that it’s an investment that is both affordable and effective. Prevent business black-outs caused by all hands on deck for event planning by hiring a planner who is there to think of everything. You, your team, your colleagues - including your CEO - will be thankful you did.


On-site sanity!  Urgent requests, timely situations, must-address moments, are handled with decorum and ease … by the planner! Don’t get caught addressing the lack of vegetarian options at lunch while getting mic’d to go on stage. With an expert on hand, they excel at their job so that you excel at yours.