POP-UPS: What I Learned From The Museum of Ice Cream

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones who scored a ticket to the Museum of Ice Cream. For those not familiar, it’s a much buzzed about, selfie-centered experience celebrating the beloved frozen treat. As someone who travels long distances for good ice cream (Coffee from Grammy Shaw’s in Maine - 6 hours from NYC), I couldn’t wait. As a marketer who strives to deliver experiences that delight, I couldn’t wait!  Planning a pop-up? Here’s what I learned, plus tips for making your pop-up really POP.


Located across from the stunning Whitney Museum, underneath the high-traffic Highline, in the heart of the must-visit Meatpacking district, the museum was a hit from the start.  Pro tip: select a location that is on brand and has a built in audience.


As a ticket holder, you receive a time and then you wait in line. It’s “limited” in size, so the line grows and grows. People - tourists and locals - are intrigued - and the buzz begins. Pro tip: Make the experience exciting from the start. Waiting on line can be a good thing - have fun, gather insights, and start the conversation.


The “museum” was a maze of rooms of tasting stations, play spaces, and art. I watched the two young women in front of me selfie their way thru the experience. When the setting wasn’t ideal (record setting largest ice cream sundae), there was determination, followed by disappointment.  Pro Tip: Test your selfie settings! Each room should be set up with a shot(s) in mind and staff should be on hand to guide those who are selfie challenged.