ON THE SCENE: US Open. Now Serving A Frozen Special

With summer coming to its unofficial close, we made a field trip to the highest-attended annual sporting event in the world - the US Open. A hot day inspired a 5pm celebration at the mojito stand. Back at the office, our resident bartender took it one step further with a frozen version to be served at our End of Summer Socials. Get your blenders ready!


1 part mint simple syrup (equal parts sugar / water, mint sprigs, cooled)
2 parts fresh lime juice
3 parts white rum

Mix ingredients, add ice, blend until slushy. Sit back and enjoy...


Everyone has faced the inspiration challenge where you just run out of ideas and it takes a lot of work to find it! We sat down with some of our event planners to get the inside scoop on where they turn when they need inspiration. We pulled our favorites that sparked our creativity and hope they do the same for you!  


Pinterest is my go-to. I am officially pin-obsessed with BEHANCE. The creative work they feature - from architecture to furniture - is a great place to kick start any project. It’s their mission to make ideas happen. Mission accomplished.

Image borrowed from Pinterest Behance

Image borrowed from Pinterest Behance


I turn to Tumblr for inspiration. I recently designed an event around VR. The moodboard I created with images I found on Tumblr helped the client not only grasp the concept but rally behind it. Tumblr images haven’t been used a million times over (I’m looking at you Pinterest) and really get you thinking.


Here's how I approach it. I find an image that best represents what I’m looking for, pin it and let Pinterest do its magic to pull images similar to it.  Efficient and effective. I always discover something new when I do.  I’m also a die-hard fan of The Cool Hunter and This is Colossal. Both feed my brain and have been known to unleash the inner genius.

Image borrowed from The Cool Hunter

Image borrowed from The Cool Hunter

Image borrowed from This Is Colossal

Image borrowed from This Is Colossal