Wedding Festival of Color

When Katie and Eric got married, they knew they'd want to bring family and friends from all over the world together for a multi day mini festival. What became known as Boltfest 2017 included 3 sound stages, 8 friend DJs, 250 capes, 1 drone ring bearer and heaps of contributions and creativity from friends to make it happen.


Tips for Saying “I Do” to a Venue

You’ve narrowed down your wedding venues, but how do you make the final call? Go SEE them (and if you can’t, set up a video call to view them!). A site visit is a sure way for you to determine if you can envision your wedding there, and you’ll be able to see first hand the room configurations.

Here are the ten questions to ask before signing on the dotted line:

1. Capacity
How many people can fit and are allowed to fit in the venue - does it fit with your invite list and budget?  

2. Bathrooms
How many? If there are only 2 and you are planning a large wedding you either need to move to the next venue, or if your heart is set there, think of alternative options like luxury mobile restrooms. These aren’t as bad as they sound.

3. Catering
Do they require use of their catering (most hotels will do this) or do you have the flexibility to pick your own caterer and/or your own menu? Hotels are notoriously “menu set” in that you only can pick from their options, which limits you on bringing your personality to the table.

4. Furniture
Does the venue provide furniture (i.e. tables, chairs, linens, glassware)? If not, this will fall on the caterer and could cost more.

5. Staff
What support staff do they provide, if any? If a hotel, expect that they will. If it is a raw venue they’ll probably just provide one representative onsite and maybe security – the rest is up to you. If you don’t have a dedicated planner, consider hiring an outside day-of planner to help everything run smoothly.

6. Staff attire
What does the staff wear? If you have a theme for the event, you may want to ask to add something to that attire.

7. Parking
Where will your guests park? And can you comp or host the valet that evening for your guests if there is only paid parking (read: cities).

8. Ceremony
If you want the ceremony held at the venue, can the venue accommodate the request? Is this something they have done previously?

9. Sunlight
If your ceremony or reception is during daylight hours, where does the sunlight hit the room? Try to visit the venue during a similar time - we’ve been to weddings where this wasn’t considered and you couldn’t even see the bride and groom during the wedding

10. Referrals
Always ask for a couple referrals and talk to them, they’ll help you understand any challenges that they might have had and any pitfalls worth considering now

Photos courtesy of Splacer.co

Day-Of Planner: Do I Need One?

If you are the “participant-planner” for an upcoming event, meaning you are both participant AND planner of the event, you may be considering hiring a day-of planner. Smart move and here’s why:

1. It’s your event, you should enjoy it, not run it!  A professional event planner has the experience to make sure everything is covered and runs smoothly. Whatever the task - from getting last minute items to the venue to fixing a zipper that just won’t zip (this happens at corporate events too!) - a planner always comes prepared.

2. Vendor Management. You have secured the right partners, now leave it to the planner to ensure they are on time, deliveries are received, and everyone is ready to go.

3. Design Eye: A day-of planner is on-site to make your vision become a reality, giving you time to pull yourself together and step in for any final touches.

4. On-Site Guest Guide: A planner keeps an eye on the details, answering questions (no matter how many times it’s been asked!) and making sure people are where they need to be, when they need to be there!

5. Behind the Scenes:  A planner is behind the scene keeping the schedule on schedule so that you can be enjoying the scene with all your guests!

EventMates offers day-of services for both corporate and private events. Our day-of services start before the event with an in-person meeting with your EventMate. We’ll set up time to get a full download of the event to help execute the plans and details that have taken time, energy and money to pull together.