Trending: Corporate “Wellness” Offsites

The New Year is always synonymous with resolutions – bettering yourself with your job, family, looks, fitness, etc.  One theme currently trending for corporate offsites capitalizes on the “New Year New You” concept with “Refresh Retreats” being created for employees. Here are some ideas on how to theme this out for your company, tying in wellness to your company’s strategic goals for the year ahead.


Every company has “core” values, whether they are written in manifesto form or not.  It is the strength we find in ourselves and of a company. Having a reminder of the core values and how to strengthen them is a powerful exercise verbally. Take it one step further by creating a bonding activity that connects to a core value. You could rent out a class/room from a fitness center or arrange for an instructor to be present at the offsite.


Finding the power and energy to reach company goals is all part of the process. A lot of ingredients go into powering up, all specific to each company. Create a juice bar, nut bar, or granola bar and match each ingredient/layer to what goes into powering up the ultimate company/employee!


Offsites often have employees off their daily routines. Starting the day off earlier with yoga sessions or having chair  massages set up during breaks, are feel-good “optional” activities to balance the info overloads that typically happen at offsites.


One of the biggest sources of growth and success for a brand is focusing… focus on your core customers, focus on the product you are marketing, focus on the markets you want to penetrate. Employees need to hear from the top what the company focus is so as to better do their jobs. As an activity tied to this theme, a meditation expert can come in and teach/educate employees on focusing back on themselves and ignoring the clutter.

With the topic of wellness at an all time high in terms of buzz and more and more companies making this a core part of their benefits and business operations; there’s no better time than the present to incorporate it into a company offsite. Your guests will leave refreshed and ready to go!