TRENDS: 4th of July Party Tips

Celebrate the 4th with a family friendly patriotic smash! Here are 5 tips from one of our elite planners on how to plan a 4th of July Party packed with fireworks!

Photo from  Eventbrite

Photo from Eventbrite


Simple Red, White & Blue Decorating

You don’t need much to add some red white and blue touches. Make a low investment in a red and white gingham linen tablecloth (Amazon has several under $15)

And then get blue (or blue & white stars) napkins, plates and cutlery. 

Tip: always have baskets and mason jars on hand for parties, they are great to keep plates and napkins from blowing away and the cutlery stays organized and pretty in the jars! 

For an added effect, use a burlap table runner and a few more of the Mason jars with baby’s breath and voila you have subtle design at under $40 and you have a tablecloth you can use again and again.

Image from  stonegableblog

Image from stonegableblog


Lots of Sides & Platters

Ditch the passed hors d’oeuvres and entrees – guests feel the most comfortable at BBQs and picnics when it is buffet style. Make sure to have lots of variety and easy foods both for you to make and your guests to eat like pasta and potato salads, ribs and pulled pork, cookies & brownies. 

Tip: put out food in waves, folks will be pleased with the sudden new choices and you won’t have to worry about the food going bad being out for hours at a time.

Photo by  KGora

Photo by KGora


Get Crafting

Especially when there are lots of kids, we always like to have some sort of entertainer, if even for a short while. Our latest trend is the balloon artist. But if you don’t have time, money or can’t find an entertainer, set up a crafting station where kids can make 4th of July wands, color in the Founding Fathers or create patriotic handprint flags. 

Tip: here are a few free coloring pages to download.

Photo from  USA printables

Photo from USA printables


Bring on the Games!

Good for adults and kids alike. Make sure to have a variety of games available.  Some of our favorites include cornhole, balloon darts (just careful with little kids) and Frisbee golf (get a few red white and blue hula hoops and Frisbees and you’ve got yourself a game!)

Photo from  partygamesnow

Photo from partygamesnow


End with Fireworks

We know… obvious right? But if your party isn’t conveniently located to watch local fireworks your guests might go another holiday without the memorable BOOM and AWWW of fireworks. Here’s 2 ideas to incorporate fireworks into your 4th of July Party. First, set up a TV outside and find national coverage of fireworks around the US, it will be fun to watch various performances and maybe even get some glimpses of performances from renown groups like the Boston Pops. Second, gets some sparklers (assuming you can’t get the real fireworks). These are beautiful at weddings and are just as fun and maybe even more unexpected at a party. 

Tip: Just remember to have a bucket of sand on hand to extinguish them at the end.

Photo from  dreamdiwali

Photo from dreamdiwali