And The Oscar Goes To… How to Throw an Award Winning Party

After the historic Golden Globes this weekend, Awards Season has officially begun. If you are thinking of hosting your own Awards Watch Party or Fundraiser this season we've outlined a couple of key things to make your party as glamorous as the stars on the red carpet! For more ideas, check out our Pinterest board here.


Food can be a fun aspect of any party, especially a Hollywood themed one! Whether it is a popcorn bar, a concessions table, or a menu thriving with celebrity puns, food is a staple for the long awards shows. Have fun with the "best of" nominees to create a thematic menu or even go so far as to create vignette stations that are decorated and thematic to each film.


Entertainment comes naturally to the theme of an Awards Show party. Red Carpet bingo, ballot voting, or a more creative activity such as printing your hands on your own “Walk of Fame” are a few ideas for your party!


A good location is crucial for an Awards Show viewing party. You need a space big enough for your audience, as well as a big screen to watch the show. In your own home make sure there is comfortable seating - consider getting a few extra pillows and blankets (thematic to the night) for people who need to sit on the floor. If you are making it a bit more formal and have budget to go elsewhere, Splacer has a couple of wonderful spaces that will make you feel like a celeb in your own right watching from a multi-million dollar loft!

Photo credit: Pinterest and Splacer