Oversized, metallic number balloons became wildly popular on social media this year. After seeing dozens of posts with the same balloons on our feeds, it got us thinking about the other “photo worthy” balloons out there.

Balloons have been a staple in celebration decor forever, but the creativity of event planners has proven they’re good for more than just hanging decor.

The right balloon, or set of balloons, can be transformed into an amazing centerpiece, cake topper or backdrop! Check out the Pinterest board we created here, to see how balloons can take your next celebration, corporate event or campaign to the next level.   

Royal Wedding Watch Party

With the royal wedding only a day away, we’re here to help you plan a simple and elegant viewing party! Gather your closest friends bright and early for the wedding event of the year. Plan a breakfast tea party with a themed menu that draws on traditional American and British elements. Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll be munching on while we watch:


In 1960 Queen Elizabeth made these drop scones, otherwise known as Scottish pancakes, for the US President at the time, Dwight Eisenhower. Click here for the recipe!


Since it’s a special occasion, take your avocado toast to the next level by adding our favorite toppings. We love to add roasted corn or tomatoes with a sprinkle of feta!


Harry and Meghan have chosen a lemon elderflower cake for their reception. While it may be a little early for your guests in the US to eat cake, incorporate the lemon flavor in muffins, scones, or donuts.


Numerous companies have created teas to honor the newest royal couple. Add a slice of lemon to your tea for an extra twist of flavor!

Afternoon Picnic.jpeg
Tea with Countess - PInk.jpeg

Festival Season

Each spring and summer, festival season brings us hundreds of creative brand activations. As event experts, we love seeing how brands use festival space to create immersive and interactive experiences for fans. Festivals have essentially become a fashion show, a hub for technology, and a must-see moment in pop culture, which is why brands are all so eager to have a part in festivals. Here are some of our favorite activations from Coachella 2018:

BMW’s #RoadToCoachella

Select influencers and performers were chosen to travel to Coachella in style. They were given one of a kind BMW’s with coachella inspired exteriors and were invited to share their experiences via social media.

Photo credit: BMW

Photo credit: BMW

HP’s Antarctic Tent

The brand constructed an 11,000 square-foot dome called “The Antarctic” displaying visual art, all powered by HP products. The products were naturally integrated and demonstrated their purpose to fans in a music centric way that aligned with the festival.

Photo credit: HP

Photo credit: HP

Levi’s Design Lab

Levi created a temporary Levi’s tailor shop where celebrities and influencers were invited to customize jeans, jackets, and more. The event gained them social media exposure as well as allowed them to firsthand observe celebrity style.

Photo credit: Levi

Photo credit: Levi


Spring 2018 Weddings: What To Wear

With New York Fashion Week all around us, we thought we would share our favorite fashion trends we’ve been seeing in the wedding world. Spring 2018 for brides is all about feminine and ornately detailed accents, where men’s fashion has taken a turn for the bold! Check out our Pinterest board here to see a compilation of some of our favorite trends.


Many brides have decided their “something blue” is their dress! Soft hues of baby blue, light pink, and champagne are stealing the show this season. Brides are not shying away from adding color to their wedding day looks.


Like bride, like groom; many men have also decided to incorporate a color twist in their ensembles. Checkered suits are becoming increasingly popular this season.


Whether you are a going for vintage look or full glitz and glamour, intricately embellished dresses are the perfect way to show off your personal style. Beaded details have always been popular, but brides are now opting for beading on the entirety of the dress.


Dresses with dramatic, detailed sleeves create a romantic and feminine look. Sleeves with cascading lace embroidery are one of my personal favorites.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Fall Wedding Trends

September is a busy month for our Mates with so many couples tying the knot! Autumn weddings are unique in many ways as they embrace the slightly colder, crisp air and bring different colors and flavors to the table. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding trends:


Draw inspiration from the changing leaves and incorporate rich hues of red, orange, and yellow into your wedding. Using bold colors is a great way to create an eye catching bouquet while saving a little bit of money. The base of the bouquet can include lots of greenery and less expensive flowers, then just a few bold colored statement flowers will make the bouquet pop. 


Scarce use of icing allows the shade of the cake to show through, creating a more organic look. The simplicity of this technique allows flowers or other cake toppers to become the main focus.


Creative food and drink stations are a great way to personalize your wedding. Create a custom beer tap for your wedding with all of the bride and groom’s favorites. Make it even more personalized with signage explaining the significance of the chosen brews.


Sometimes there just isn’t enough space on the table for a centerpiece that wows. Utilize the space in between the table and the ceiling instead of taking up more square footage on the table. Fall weddings are the perfect place to incorporate tall centerpieces. For a rustic and organic wedding, use branches adorned with vibrant fall leaves. For a more elegant, use tall candles adorned with fairy lights.

Photo Credits: Bouquet: Flowers By Janie, Beer Bar: Pinterest, Cake: Blooming Expressions Flowers

On The Floor: Trade Show Trends

We are in the beginning stages of planning for 2018 trade shows and conferences. There are endless opportunities for exhibitors to engage their audience and make their booth more than just a temporary showroom for their product. Attendees want more than just the traditional experience. Here are some tips to make your brand stand out and ensure your brand has a lasting impression:


After the show closes, attendees want a chance to enjoy the city they are only in for a couple days. Utilize the space around you that your hosting hotel or conference center has to offer. Host a mixology class, happy hour, or concert, or after hours.


People love to share interesting things. By creating something that people genuinely want to take a photo with, you will be marketing effortlessly. Use bright colors, creative architecture, or a large sculpture to grab attention. Having an art installation will get people to stop, look, and take a photo!


Conferences can be both busy and exhausting. Dedicate a portion of your booth to comfort. Offer free branded beverages, phone charges, and seating if space allows. Turn your booth into a “safe haven” in the midst of the chaos.


Photo Credits: EventMates - our Indiegogo Booth Activation at CES last year.

BTS Celebrations

Happy September! Fall is full of new beginnings, yummy flavors, and time to enjoy friends and family before the craziness of the holidays begin. We’re celebrating with kid friendly back-to-school parties that feature smart cookies, apple balloons, crayon centerpieces and more! Need some inspiration? Check out our pinterest board here!

Photo credit: Pinterest

Party Like Martha Stewart

Today, we’re celebrating our event idol - Martha Stewart! In honor of the DIY doyenne, we pulled together our favorite Martha tips and tricks for the perfect summer celebration. Whether it’s a birthday bash or a say so long to summer soiree, your celebration will shine with these oh-so-Martha touches. Happy Birthday Martha!


An easy DIY decoration in any bright color you want - paper lanterns are the perfect summer party decor. Whether you use lanterns as a centerpiece or hang them for ambiance-this fluttery, charming decoration is a must.



Drink parasols and decorative straws turn every guest's drink into a piece of decoration. Allow guests to dress their own drink by picking their own fun straw and drink accessories.



Use the beach pail as a flower vase or use it to serve beer, juice boxes, soda, etc. For a kids party use any brightly colored plastic beach pail. For an adult party, use a rustic tin pail.



Fill your menu with fruit and citrus flavor! The end of summer calls for celebration with a watermelon margarita or a pineapple caipiroska. Fresh fruit popsicles are an easy crowd pleaser for guests of all ages.



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Colorful candies and sprinkles are a fun way to add color to the table and to add fun to everyone’s favorite summer treat!  If you want to take your sundae bar to the next level, offer mason jars along with bowls, so guests have the option of making an ice cream float.


For photo inspiration, check out our Party Like Martha Stewart Pinterest Board.

Get Snapchat Savvy

Snapchat offers unique features that can enhance the digital experience of any event, corporate or personal! The Snapchat Geofilter and Snapchat Story are perfect ways to engage guests digitally at any event from a conference, to a wedding, to an ad campaign activation.

Snapchat Geofilter brings your guests together with a unified brand message / look. It’s easy to set up and the cost - based on a specific area and a specific amount of time - is relatively affordable. You can design your geofilter using an existing template or upload your own design. The geofilter will then show up at the specified time for guests to snap away.

Snapchat Story invites your guests and those who can’t attend to be an active participant in the stories exclusive to your event. Attendees can post as well as see the compilation of snapchats that have been submitted by other people at the event. This is a great way to bring attendees together at a large the event and to have your brand seen by a larger group of people. Take for example Coachella ‘17 - 300,000 in attendance, 40 million via their Coachella Snapchat Story.


Photo credit: MediaKix, Cassie Martin

The Little Luxuries: Tesloop

Make guests feel like VIPs by booking them a Tesla!

Tesla launched its ride share service, Tesloop, two years ago and is beginning to cover more ground as the service gains popularity. The trips are designed to be between 100-250 miles long and currently operate only in California. They run several trips a day from popular locations in Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego.

Have family coming from out of town for your event? Have a Tesloop pick them up at LAX! Hosting a client event in Palm Springs? Treat your VIPs with a Tesloop.  The self driving Tesla equipped with your own personal “pilot” will pick the passenger(s) up from a  preselected destination and take them to your desired end destination. Along with the ride in a luxury vehicle, passengers enjoy pillows, heated seats, wifi, snacks, and beverages. A 150 mile trip goes for about $60 per person, which is much cheaper than any other ride service would be for a trip of that distance and more memorable!