New Year’s At 9

New Year’s with a family can be a hard holiday to tackle and celebrate in a fun, family-friendly way. This year - given the growing families of little ones - we changed things up and threw a “New Year’s At 9” party, where the ball drops at 9:00 PM!  

Celebrating New Year’s At 9 is a perfect adjustment for kids and families who still want to celebrate, but have recently added little ones to the equation!

We kept it casual by serving cold foods - and plenty of champagne and sparkling cider -  so people could drop in whenever and leave as early or as late as they needed to. And with fun New Year’s accessories on hand (including some made by little ones!), we captured fun photos of all our guests as they stopped in to ring in the new year.

Check out our New Year’s At 9:00 Pinterest board here that served as the inspiration.

Happy 2018 to all!


Photo credit: Cassie Martin & Pinterest