Fall Wedding Trends

September is a busy month for our Mates with so many couples tying the knot! Autumn weddings are unique in many ways as they embrace the slightly colder, crisp air and bring different colors and flavors to the table. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding trends:


Draw inspiration from the changing leaves and incorporate rich hues of red, orange, and yellow into your wedding. Using bold colors is a great way to create an eye catching bouquet while saving a little bit of money. The base of the bouquet can include lots of greenery and less expensive flowers, then just a few bold colored statement flowers will make the bouquet pop. 


Scarce use of icing allows the shade of the cake to show through, creating a more organic look. The simplicity of this technique allows flowers or other cake toppers to become the main focus.


Creative food and drink stations are a great way to personalize your wedding. Create a custom beer tap for your wedding with all of the bride and groom’s favorites. Make it even more personalized with signage explaining the significance of the chosen brews.


Sometimes there just isn’t enough space on the table for a centerpiece that wows. Utilize the space in between the table and the ceiling instead of taking up more square footage on the table. Fall weddings are the perfect place to incorporate tall centerpieces. For a rustic and organic wedding, use branches adorned with vibrant fall leaves. For a more elegant, use tall candles adorned with fairy lights.

Photo Credits: Bouquet: Flowers By Janie, Beer Bar: Pinterest, Cake: Blooming Expressions Flowers