My Shark Tank Experience

Last week, the EventMates team traveled to Philadelphia to produce the Shark Tank Casting Call. The casting call was a lot more than just an audition to be on the show and it was important for us to make this event more than just the 60 second audition. When planning a casting call, one has to keep in mind the attendees might be waiting for hours before it’s their turn to go. We strived to ensure the whole day was an enjoyable experience with a networking lounge, guest speakers, a prize wheel, food, photo opportunities, and of course, the pitch room.

As part of the event team, I set up the networking lounge, placed signage all around, and assembled the complementary charging stations. One of the most important aspects of the event was all the signage to ensure Shark Tank branding in the back of virtually every photo.  As people snapchatted and live streamed from the event, the brand was featured. The largest sign we used served as the perfect backdrop for a photo opp with Aaron Krause, founder and CEO of Scrub Daddy after he spoke at the event. 

As my first Shark Tank, it was an amazing event to be a part of, mainly because of all the super creative and passionate people I got to meet. While I can’t say who moved forward, I can say it is one to watch!