The Little Luxuries: Tesloop

Make guests feel like VIPs by booking them a Tesla!

Tesla launched its ride share service, Tesloop, two years ago and is beginning to cover more ground as the service gains popularity. The trips are designed to be between 100-250 miles long and currently operate only in California. They run several trips a day from popular locations in Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego.

Have family coming from out of town for your event? Have a Tesloop pick them up at LAX! Hosting a client event in Palm Springs? Treat your VIPs with a Tesloop.  The self driving Tesla equipped with your own personal “pilot” will pick the passenger(s) up from a  preselected destination and take them to your desired end destination. Along with the ride in a luxury vehicle, passengers enjoy pillows, heated seats, wifi, snacks, and beverages. A 150 mile trip goes for about $60 per person, which is much cheaper than any other ride service would be for a trip of that distance and more memorable!