Governors Ball: Brand Activations

We rounded up some of the brands that participated in the popular Governors Ball in NYC this past weekend!


The “Share a Coke” campaign is back! Coke had a relatively large set up including art installments, an ice bar, a vending machine, and a backdrop for pictures. The ice bar and art installments caught the eye of many attendees who were then invited to use the vending machine which personalized your name on a can of Coke.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 2.56.15 PM.png


Subway created “The Green Room” as an oasis for attendees who were hot and hungry. They offered free sandwiches, cookies, an air conditioned lounge, and charging stations with a live feed from the main stage so everyone lounging didn’t miss a beat.

Photo credit: Cassie Martin
Photo credit: Cassie Martin


Although very different companies, both had the same idea when it came to unique experiences for guests. Citi offered a viewing deck for attendees who had used their Citi cards at the festival. Ray-Ban offered an exclusive balcony for people who used their hashtag on social media.


“Insta-worthy” food was everywhere. Many brands came up with unique packaging, branding, delivery, and more in order to try to generate buzz on social media. John’s Juice and Electric Sky Wine offered aesthetically pleasing drinks. The Infatuation app branded on-the-go coconut cups and Taiyaki NYC brought their famous matcha ice cream.

Photo Credits: Cassie Martin, Instragram, TaiyakiNYC, Electric Sky Win, Governor's Ball