Day-Of Planner: Do I Need One?

If you are the “participant-planner” for an upcoming event, meaning you are both participant AND planner of the event, you may be considering hiring a day-of planner. Smart move and here’s why:

1. It’s your event, you should enjoy it, not run it!  A professional event planner has the experience to make sure everything is covered and runs smoothly. Whatever the task - from getting last minute items to the venue to fixing a zipper that just won’t zip (this happens at corporate events too!) - a planner always comes prepared.

2. Vendor Management. You have secured the right partners, now leave it to the planner to ensure they are on time, deliveries are received, and everyone is ready to go.

3. Design Eye: A day-of planner is on-site to make your vision become a reality, giving you time to pull yourself together and step in for any final touches.

4. On-Site Guest Guide: A planner keeps an eye on the details, answering questions (no matter how many times it’s been asked!) and making sure people are where they need to be, when they need to be there!

5. Behind the Scenes:  A planner is behind the scene keeping the schedule on schedule so that you can be enjoying the scene with all your guests!

EventMates offers day-of services for both corporate and private events. Our day-of services start before the event with an in-person meeting with your EventMate. We’ll set up time to get a full download of the event to help execute the plans and details that have taken time, energy and money to pull together.