ON THE SCENES: Our Favorite New York Fashion Week Venues

With Fashion Week NY complete, we took a moment to reflect. Not on the fashions, we’ll leave that to the fashionistas. We’re event experts, so we’re reflecting on the venues. This season, so many designers captured our attention - and that of the Instagram loving crowds - with their runway locations.


Outdoor venues can be challenging, but done right they often present beautiful backdrops for many Instagram moments. Our top two venues are favorite NYC destinations, so it’s no surprise they top our list for event venues.  

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park
Hester Street Fair

Instagram photo courtesy of: footwearnews

Instagram photo courtesy of: kohlmurdock


With our HQ located in historic South Street Seaport, we have a deep appreciation for old New York. This season, we loved seeing old school venues transformed for new fashion icons:

The Russian Tea Room
The Library of the New York City Bar Association

Instagram photo courtesy of: creativeny

Instagram photo courtesy of: siesmarjan


Raw space is where our imaginations run wild. Our top two this season wow’d us as much the designs walking the runways.

477 Broadway
Art Beam

Instagram photo courtesy of: oscargosei

Instagram photo courtesy of: valerieshu13