Central Park Birthday Celebration

We recently spent a beautiful fall afternoon helping Tristan celebrate his first birthday! With blankets, pumpkins, hay bales, and all the best flavors of fall, we transformed a corner of Central Park. Guests (of all ages!) enjoyed live singing while snacking on caramel apples and apple cider donuts in the perfect fall weather. Happy Birthday Tristan!


Halloween on the Hudson

A spooktacular evening for residents of a luxury high rise in midtown-west included fortune tellers, costume contests, halloween horror trivia and killer cocktails!

Photo credit: Margaret Niemann @MSNPhotography

Dadchelor Party in Detroit

We had a first for our Mates - a Detroit “Dadchelor” party. Combining celebration and relaxation, it’s a weekend get-away for a Dad before the arrival of his new baby. Our local Mate in Detroit, Adrienne, coordinated to help Dad enjoy the weekend with friends before full-time Dad duty begins. For this particular Dad, it was about food, fun, and football at the Rutgers-Michigan game. Dadchelor bags welcomed the crew and included goodies sourced from local artisans and assembled by Adrienne.


Throwing a Spooktacular Event

Halloween is almost here! As party professionals, this is one of our favorite times of year. We love incorporating holiday themes into sophisticated, well curated events. There is so much fun to be had with Halloween-centric decor, menus, costumes, and more! Here are our favorite tips and tricks for throwing some Halloween spirit into a spooktacular event:


One of our favorite ways to incorporate themes is through creative food and beverage menus. Greet your guests with worm shooters made with udon noodles in green broth. Just one of the many culinary treats sure to delight. 



Your creativity doesn't have to stop with what’s in your drink or the name of your drink! Take it a step further and choose themed glassware to add to the ambiance. Serve your guests their drinks in beakers and test tubes while mad scientists’ lab coats drape over the bar area.


In order to give your event a spooky feel, get creative with lighting! By using black light, dimmed lighting, strobe lights, spotlights, and even candles, you can easily transform your space and accentuate different decor that you want to stand out. Candles are a great table top option, because they can act as both a center piece and a lighting alternative for a dim and haunted feeling.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 13.01.03.png

Photo credit: EventMates & Pinterest

Mobile World Congress Americas

Mates were on site in San Francisco for Mobile World Congress (MWC) Americas Conference for two client activations. While the convention was spread across all Moscone buildings, our Mates were in the South Hall for Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) and Arrow Electronics.

IoTC: located in 4YFN - the showcase for more than 140 startups that always attracts strong traffic to the area. Within the IoTC zone were some great companies including Indiegogo, TechStars, Chirp, Cirrent and Buddy Platform. With a turnkey set-up, the companies were able to start networking upon arrival.

Arrow was close by with a larger footprint. The 20x20 booth, designed by our sister company, Rubik Marketing featured sleek demo stations and their amazing Corvette (which has an amazing story behind it). Sharp edges and bold architectural lines, with classic black and white brand colors created a polished environment. And with storage in each, it was functional as well as visually appealing.

Read the full report on Mobile World Congress Americas here!  If you are considering a booth for an upcoming tradeshow or conference, EventMates can help you plan and execute a space that is unique to your brand and on budget.


Pumpkin Party for the Little 1 in Your Life

We are in the October spirit this week by putting together a pumpkin themed first birthday! Our mood board draws inspiration from pumpkin patches, apple picking, and a country chic atmosphere. Our guest of honor is a girl, so along with a traditional bright pumpkin orange, we are incorporating pastel shades of orange and pink to give it a more feminine and delicate feel. Check out our Pinterest board here to see what we’re designing! We can’t wait to celebrate!


Smorgasburg LA

Instagramable food has become one of the most important factors at almost every event. Food that looks just as good as it tastes is a crucial way to keep guests sharing and to keep guests posting! As a passionate foodie and an event marketer, I knew I needed to check out Smorgasburg LA, the mecca of all “share worthy” food in Southern California.

I spent a perfect Sunday afternoon experiencing all that my stomach could handle! Smorgasburg is a west coast foodie’s paradise in the middle of an otherwise very urban area. Bright picnic tables and umbrellas line the blacktop where the food festival lives. Carefully selected vendors did not disappoint; between authentic Hawaiian fried shrimp, tropical fruit infused teas, and vegan “chicken” nachos, I still can’t choose a favorite! As an event professional, I give them credit for fabricating an urban area and curating vendors that created a holistic experience specifically catered to their market. WIth plenty of vegan options, countless Instagram opps, unique fusions of foods from all different cultures, and a laid back atmosphere it was perfect for LA locals and tourists alike.

Photo credit: Cassie Martin

Fall Wedding Trends

September is a busy month for our Mates with so many couples tying the knot! Autumn weddings are unique in many ways as they embrace the slightly colder, crisp air and bring different colors and flavors to the table. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding trends:


Draw inspiration from the changing leaves and incorporate rich hues of red, orange, and yellow into your wedding. Using bold colors is a great way to create an eye catching bouquet while saving a little bit of money. The base of the bouquet can include lots of greenery and less expensive flowers, then just a few bold colored statement flowers will make the bouquet pop. 


Scarce use of icing allows the shade of the cake to show through, creating a more organic look. The simplicity of this technique allows flowers or other cake toppers to become the main focus.


Creative food and drink stations are a great way to personalize your wedding. Create a custom beer tap for your wedding with all of the bride and groom’s favorites. Make it even more personalized with signage explaining the significance of the chosen brews.


Sometimes there just isn’t enough space on the table for a centerpiece that wows. Utilize the space in between the table and the ceiling instead of taking up more square footage on the table. Fall weddings are the perfect place to incorporate tall centerpieces. For a rustic and organic wedding, use branches adorned with vibrant fall leaves. For a more elegant, use tall candles adorned with fairy lights.

Photo Credits: Bouquet: Flowers By Janie, Beer Bar: Pinterest, Cake: Blooming Expressions Flowers

Budget Friendly Bouquets

Flowers can be one of the biggest expenses at any event, especially a wedding. Our Mates Susan and Katherine teamed up with other event experts to share bouquet ideas that won’t break the bank. Going big, going unconventional … the whole story is in full bloom for you to read here!

Photo: Katherine Leong

On The Floor: Trade Show Trends

We are in the beginning stages of planning for 2018 trade shows and conferences. There are endless opportunities for exhibitors to engage their audience and make their booth more than just a temporary showroom for their product. Attendees want more than just the traditional experience. Here are some tips to make your brand stand out and ensure your brand has a lasting impression:


After the show closes, attendees want a chance to enjoy the city they are only in for a couple days. Utilize the space around you that your hosting hotel or conference center has to offer. Host a mixology class, happy hour, or concert, or after hours.


People love to share interesting things. By creating something that people genuinely want to take a photo with, you will be marketing effortlessly. Use bright colors, creative architecture, or a large sculpture to grab attention. Having an art installation will get people to stop, look, and take a photo!


Conferences can be both busy and exhausting. Dedicate a portion of your booth to comfort. Offer free branded beverages, phone charges, and seating if space allows. Turn your booth into a “safe haven” in the midst of the chaos.


Photo Credits: EventMates - our Indiegogo Booth Activation at CES last year.